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El Gordo Lotto Online

 Spain’s Top Lottery Is Now Available To All Of Us

 If you live in Spain then I don’t have to tell you how exciting the El Gordo Lotto is. However, most lottery players don’t live there, and most have never heard of Spain’s biggest lottery. Up until recently it didn’t matter at all since you couldn’t play it anyway as Spain was the only place that you could buy tickets to it.

Through the magic of the internet, these days, over 150,000 players from over 140 countries enjoy playing El Gordo. All you have to do to buy tickets now is to know where to buy them online. That’s where we are here to help you.

There is a great new service called TheLotter where you can not only buy tickets to the El Gordo Lotto online, you can also buy tickets online to all of the world’s other biggest lotteries. They make it all incredibly easy for you, and within a few short minutes you can pick up as many tickets as you want to the next drawing, in addition to any other big lottery ticket you want.

So through this online service, the excitement of playing the lottery has grown to epic proportions. Take how much you enjoy the lottery now and multiply that by ten or twenty times, and imagine what that would be like. Then, just register with TheLotter here and get ready to make it all happen.

El Gordo Means The Big One

The big El Gordo LottoEl Gordo’s jackpots are all huge, which is something that all lottery players absolutely love. Gone are the days where you had to wait for quite a while, hoping that the jackpot of your favorite lottery would grow and grow until it finally got enormous enough that people fell over themselves to buy tickets.

Now, there are many lotteries around the world which start out with enormous jackpots and only get more and more enormous. This lottery is definitely one of those. As an example, at the time of this writing the current jackpot is 23 million Euro.

Plus, if you love big jackpots like this, as I’m sure we all do, TheLotter has much more for us where that came from, with some even much larger. However, it’s not a matter of just playing one, we want to play several of these at least, and El Gordo is certainly one that is well worth playing.

How This Lotto Works

Like many big lotteries, there are two parts to the drawing. The first involves picking 5 numbers from among 54 numbers. If you do that, there’s a very big prize awaiting you already. Then, if you both match your 5 numbers plus match your key number between 1 and 9, you have done it and have hit the big jackpot.

There are a total of 9 different prize categories with El Gordo, starting with just matching the key number between 1 and 9, right on up to the big one. So although we all really want to win the jackpots, it’s certainly nice when you win a prize of any amount, and Spain's most popular lottery gives you an even better chance to pull this off than some other lotteries.

Also, unlike some countries, lottery winnings in Spain are tax free.  You may or may not have to declare your winnings to the government, depending on where you live, but some places withhold taxes with lottery winnings even though lottery winnings may be tax free in your country,.  While you can recover this money, it’s an inconvenience you don’t have to worry about that with El Gordo.

However, even in countries who do this, whenever you hit the jackpot, the money that you get up front with or without tax withholding will certainly tide you over for a long time anyway, so this shouldn’t really concern us. Neither should having to make a trip to Spain to pick up your millions. You’ll probably be doing a lot more traveling than that and you might as well start out your career as a jet setter with this trip.

Why Miss Out On El Gordo Since You Don’t Have To Now?

For years, you’ve had a good excuse to not play the El Gordo Lotto if you don’t live in Spain. This is fortunately no longer the case though. Who knows how much money you could have won if you had been playing this and all of the other biggest lotteries in the world all along?

Well you need to wonder about this no more, as TheLotter now brings El Gordo right to your home, right to where you are sitting right now. I know that you love playing the lottery or you wouldn’t be reading this. Why not treat yourself to a lottery ticket right now? While you’re at it, why don’t you check out everything else TheLotter has to offer you? Just click on this link and open up for yourself a whole new world of possibilities.