To win the lottery, each player has his own system, which he considers to be the best. Whether or not it really helps to win is the big question. Some people play the same numbers week after week. Others use computers to generate random winning numbers. Often players also use a mixture of both, for example typing their own date of birth and the dates of birth of family members, and then they randomly add more numbers.

Another popular method is to mark numbers in geometric order on the coupon, for example in the form of a straight line across several numbers. Every player thus has his own variant of a lotto system and hopes for success and that his numbers will be drawn.

Lottery system tickets

With the classic lotto systems, it is quite simply a matter of picking more numbers, this spending more money. With a full system, you can select 7 or 8 numbers instead of the usual 6 numbers. This, of course, increases the chances, but also costs considerably more money.

So-called partial systems allow the player to select several fixed numbers and combine them with several additional numbers. This increases the chances of winning, especially if the fixed numbers are drawn. These partial systems are also considerably more expensive than a normal lottery ticket.

 el gordo la primitiva Personal lucky numbers

There is a lot to be said for always picking the same numbers over a longer period of time. After all, there is a certain probability that every possible combination of numbers will be drawn once after a sufficiently long time. You have to keep in mind, however, that theoretically you only bet 220 times a year when playing 5 combinations of numbers and two draws a week.

Assuming, for example, that there are 10 million combinations of numbers, one could – in theory – expect to win the main prize every 45,000 years.

Hot and cold numbers

 best lottery system Players can pick either such numbers that have not been drawn for a long time or numbers that have been drawn more often in the past. It is generally true that repeated random draws will result in a certain amount of equal distribution in the long run. However, it can take an extremely long time before this happens, like hundreds of years as in the example above.

The conclusion can only be that in the end it always depends on luck. Lotto systems of any kind do not help to win the lottery. But wait, there is indeed a way to increase the chances of winning. For this, you have to understand the mathematical concept of expected value.

The expected value of every game of chance is calculated using the following factors:

  • the cost of the game (in our case the cost of a ticket) – the lower the price, the higher the expected value
  • the probability of a win occurring – the more possible number combinations, the lower the expected value
  • the amount of the prize to be won, if the own numbers are drawn – the higher the winnings, the higher the expected value

You have no influence on the first two factors. And the third factor is also fixed, but there is one exception: the current jackpot amount! In fact, the mathematical chances are indeed higher when the jackpot is larger!

The only lotto system that helps is a clever use of funds

Therefore, you should only play the lottery whenever the jackpot is particularly high. This means that whenever the jackpot is hit, you should not play for a while. But if you don’t want to wait that long for the jackpot to rebuild, then the ideal alternative is to look for other lotteries abroad. These often offer significantly better and higher jackpots.

These lotteries can not be played in a conventional way – but this is where our service comes into play. Our service allows the lottery player to choose from a variety of lotteries from all over the world. Surely you have heard of the US lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions. The winnings there is almost always a multiple of your national lottery.

With the option of playing lotto online, you can proceed in such a way that you always select the respective highest jackpot. This is the smart way to always get the best value for money. The tickets for those lotteries usually cost about twice as much as a normal ticket. But the calculation still works if, for example, you get a ten times higher jackpot for twice the ticket price!

Play lotto successfully by choosing the right lottery

Playing the lottery online makes sense because this is the only really promising system – by selecting the current best lottery. It is the only system through which you can significantly improve your chances of winning.

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