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USA Lotteries Offer Plenty Of Big Money Draws

Lotteries are very popular in the United States, as evidenced by how many of them rank among the biggest lottos in the world. Led the way by the massive Powerball Lottery, it features prizes often in the nine figure range and is the stuff that lottery legends are made of.  
There are also several more USA based lottos which are famous for their very large prizes, in the tens of millions. Some of these drawings are limited to a particular state, such as New York, California, Florida, or Indiana. 
So you probably don’t live in any of these states, or you may not even live in the USA at all. No worries though, as with TheLotter, it doesn’t matter where in the world that you live, as they offer the opportunity to buy lottery tickets for any USA lotto online, as well as to all of the world’s major lottos.  

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The USA Powerball Lottery

win lotto usa onlineThe Powerball lottery features two weekly draws, every Wednesday and Sunday.  To win the massive jackpots that they feature, you have to match the five main numbers plus the power ball number. There are many other prizes available as well, but of course it’s the big jackpot that attracts so many players.

This is one of the lotteries where you hear some of the biggest stories in the world of lotteries, where people win tens of millions of dollars or more and have their lives dramatically changed forever with the drop of a single ball. Just the excitement alone of your having a shot at all this money twice a week is more than enough to add a lot of excitement to people’s lives.

The MegaMillions Lottery

Like the Powerball lottery, the MegaMillions Lottery is offered in most U.S. states, giving it access to a very large player base. Historically, American lotteries were limited to a single state, but since the multi-state players such as Powerball and MegaMillions came on the scene, this has taken U.S. lotteries to a whole new level of excitement.

There are a lot of similarities between the Powerball and MegaMillions lotteries, as MegaMillions also has two weekly draws, in this case on Tuesdays and Fridays. You also need to match the regular five numbers plus an additional number, in this case, the Mega Ball number. The jackpots are also pretty big.
So by playing both of these mega lotteries, you will be in the action for a total of four days every week, with big money on the line each time. TheLotter offers you the ability to buy these tickets online, right on your own computer, so you don’t have to miss out on any of this excitement.

The Indiana Hoosier Lotto

Indiana may not be the biggest state in the USA, but their lottery sure is one of the biggest. One of the biggest attraction of this lotto is the chances of winning a prize, which is set at 1 in 6,, much higher than is typical in lotteries.
So players who want to both shoot for jackpots in the millions of dollars and also have a great chance of winning a prize simply love this lottery. It used to be that you had to live in Indiana to get in on the fun here, but this is the case no more. TheLotter now brings the excitement of the Indiana Hoosier Lotto to everyone all around the world, through their offering tickets to it online.

Other USA State Lotteries

TheLotter also offers access to several other big U.S. state lotteries, including the Florida Lottery, the California Lottery, and the New York Lottery. These are all big lotteries featuring multi million dollar jackpots all of the time, in addition to their wide assortment of other prizes.

TheLotter provides you with all the information that you need to know about all of these USA lottos, including how much the jackpot currently is, when the next draw will take place, how much time that is remaining to buy your ticket online to it, and everything else that you need to know.

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