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If you are interested in participating in Euromillions , it will be important for you to know how much Euromillions is today . We are talking about the jackpot amount, of course. On our website, you can see all the jackpots and their sizes. The current amount will always be updated. To inform you of today’s Euromillions jackpot, we have placed a dynamic banner below. I will always show the current Euromillions jackpot size.

What’s also important for you to know is that the amount you can actually win can be even higher than this amount, because the final payout also depends on how many tickets are purchased for the next draw. Part of these tickets will also go into the jackpot, so you may end up winning even more!

Can I play even if Euromillions tickets are not on sale in my country?

 Euromillions jackpot today This is what we do! If you can go to your lotto shop and buy tickets for that lottery there, then you don’t need an online lottery ticket service. Our online service allows you to get tickets for lotteries from other countries . Let’s say you want to participate in Euromillions. There are many good reasons for doing this – firstly, the odds of winning are pretty good, and secondly, the jackpot is often higher than any other lottery in the world.

If you play online, it doesn’t matter which country you live in. As long as you have the means to pay online, you can get a ticket for Euromillions (or one of the other lotteries we offer this service for). The easiest way to pay is a Visa or Mastercard, but there are many other options available.

What is the growth rate per draw for Euromillions?

Euromillions draws take place twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), and usually, with each draw not won, the prize pool increases by an amount between 6 and 10 million euros. For obvious reasons, the increases tend to be lower when the prize pool is low, and get bigger once the € 100 million mark is crossed.

How big can the Euromillions jackpot grow?

The maximum jackpot for Euromillioni is 190 million euros . This is where the maximum limit rule comes into play. Unless it is won, it remains at € 190 million, and any funds from further ticket sales that would have been added to the jackpot go to the tier two prize. This, of course, greatly increases the chances of winning a large amount.
And it gets even better: Once the maximum amount is reached, there will be four more draws. But if the jackpot hasn’t been won, then in the fifth draw, someone will surely win it. And here’s the great thing about this rule: if no one has all 5 numbers and two extra numbers correctly, then it’s enough to have 5 plus one matching number. And since this combination often doesn’t find any winning tickets, you can even win a portion of the jackpot with just five of the same numbers!

Of course, in this case, there is a good chance that you will have to share the jackpot with a dozen other players. But I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, because sharing the maximum amount with ten other lucky winners would still mean receiving a share of 19 million euros.

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