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If you’ve never played the lottery before, or even if you have, you’ve probably heard a lot of things that might stop you from trying it. Especially if you are now looking for online lotto games . So what are the myths and how do you separate them from the truth? You will need some help to do just that.

Popular myths

Lottery tickets cannot be legally purchased online. This is a great myth that you absolutely don’t want to hear. This is because it is possible to buy lottery tickets online and it is completely legal. Additionally, prizes and jackpots can be won on these tickets.

Playing the same numbers gives you more odds. In fact, your odds are calculated based on every single drawing you participate in. This is not a cumulative situation where you have played those numbers every single day.


You are more likely to hit small jackpots. This is also actually false. The odds of your jackpot are based on factors completely separate from the prize amount. This is demonstrated by the fact that every lottery you play has the same odds, no matter how big (or small) the jackpot is.

People who play the lottery have a gambling addiction. This is absolutely not true. Yes, there are some people who are addicted to lottery and gambling, but the two are not necessarily the same. People can play the lottery sporadically or play at different times without being addicted.

Winning the lottery will make you happy. This and its inverse that winning the lottery will make you unhappy are both myths. Winning the lottery has nothing to do with your emotional state. If you are smart about winning you can make yourself happy and improve your life, but the lottery doesn’t guarantee that.

What do you need

When it comes to playing the lottery online with our online service, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Keep an eye out for these myths and make sure you don’t fall into a trap.

The lottery game is entirely up to you and even though the lottery results may not be in your favor, you never know what the next round might bring. And once these myths are dispelled, you can feel a lot better about the possibilities. è un servizio di messaggistica per biglietti della lotteria che offre la vendita online di biglietti della lotteria, gestito da LLL World Marketing Limited, Peiraios 30, primo piano, ufficio 1, 2023 Strovolos, Nicosia-Cipro.

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