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Get a ticket for the big US lottery from the UK

Just a short while ago on February 13th 2016, the biggest US lottery jackpot in history was won by three lucky players. With an unbelievable jackpot size of a total of 1,5 billion US dollars, lotto fans all over the USA spent hours standing in line for a ticket. But what about lottery players from the UK? Were they excluded from getting a Powerball ticket unless they were actually in the US at that time? No they were not - if they had known that you can actually play Powerball or Megamillions lotto from the UK!

Obviously, it is the internet that allows you to get a ticket for those big US lotteries online. You do not have to live in the USA to participate and have a chance to win those unbelievable jackpots.

To play, just follow this link to an online lotto ticket service. After you have selected your lotto numbers, pay online and in a matter of hours you will have your ticket for Powerball or Megamillions.

Play Powerball or Megamillions lotto online if you live in the UK

This is how it works: after you have picked your numbers and paid for your ticket, that online lotto service sends an agent to a lotto vendor in the USA. The agent will buy a ticket on your behalf, make sure your numbers and your name is on the lotto ticket, then scan it and email it to you.

If you win, the procedure for payout depends on the amount you have won. Smaller amounts under $500 will be credited to your online account. You can eiter cash that money out or use it to buy more online lotto tickets. If you should win a higher amount, then TheLotter will send you a form that you have to fill out, after which you email it back to them. TheLotter sends the form to the lotto commission and they will pay you.

It is important to know that TheLotter is a legal and reliable courier service. By buying a lotto ticket online, you get to have a contract with the lottery itself - which ensures that the money you may win will come from them!

Other lotteries that can be played from the UK

Through this online lottery ticket courier service, you can buy tickets for over 20 of the biggest lotteries on this planet. Even though you may live in the UK, you can choose lotteries that are being drawn in other countries. Of course, if you do not live in the UK, but you would like to get a ticket for the UK's lottery, that is also something that you can do online!