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Lotto VIP Loyalty Program

Does your local lotto reward you with discounts if you are a loyal customer? Well, TheLotter does! For every $2 you spend on online lottery tickets, you get one VIP point credited to your customer account. This is another factor that makes this online lotto ticket service more attractive than your local lottery.

The more lotto tickets you buy, the bigger the discount. Depending on the amount of VIP points you have already earned, your next lotto ticket will come with a discount. If you earn enough points, you will even be able to get tickets free of charge!

Online Lotto Promotions

TheLotter has special deals for selected lotteries on a daily basis. Sometimes you will be offered 5% off when buying a ticket for this lottery, or even 10% off a Powerball ticket. All you have to do is sign up and buy a ticket.

TheLotter also has a Refer A Friend program that is beneficial both for you and the person you are referring. If you invite a friend who buys an online lotto ticket, both you and your friend will get a ticket for Mega Millions, totally free of charge. You can refer as many friends as you want, you will get one free ticket per referral.

Syndicate lotto ticket promotions

A syndicate ticket is one lotto ticket shared by a group of people. You can participate with more tickets, or playing over a longer period of time. For example, if you pool with a total of 10 players, you can buy ten tickets instead of one, and if one of those tickets wins, you will get 10% of the totals winnings.