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Big Jackpot Lotto Winners

What Would You Do With A Big Jackpot?

One of the most exciting things about playing big lotteries is to imagine what you would do with all that money.  Of course actually winning one of these big jackpots is even more exciting, and it happens to people all of the time.  So you could be next, who knows?  

First of all, just having a lot more money than you have now, enough to live a life of luxury for the rest of your life perhaps, is probably the most cherished thing that you will win.  Of course, you’ll also be able to help out your family and friends, which will of course really be appreciated and give you a lot of satisfaction as well.

Aside from that, there are all sorts of different things that people buy and do with big jackpots, including paying off their mortgage and other bills, buying big ticket items such as a house or a car, going on long vacations, and pretty much anything else that they wish to do.  The choice will all be yours!

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Anyone Can Win Big Lotto Jackpots

raining lotto dollars jackpot winnerBig jackpot lottery winners come in all shapes and sizes.  One of the most interesting stories is that of Frane Selak of Croatia.  Selak had encountered many life threatening situations over the years.  For instance, a train that he was on fell off of a train bridge into frozen water.  17 passengers were killed but Selak emerged with only cuts and a broken arm.

He then took a plane trip where the door blew off the plane, causing him to fall out.  He landed in a haystack which saved his life.  Then he was on a bus which crashed and ended up in a river.  People died, but Selak wasn’t one of them.  

His car caught fire twice, and he survived both times, even though all of his hair burned off in one of the accidents.  He got run over by a city bus and came out of that one with only minor injuries.  Then he had to drive his own car off a cliff to avoid a head on collision with a truck, fell out of the car on the way down and grabbed on to a tree, and the car hit the ground and exploded.

So there have been few people as lucky in life as this guy, cheating death so many times.   So he decided to play the lottery and his luck continued, winning a million dollar jackpot.  So the point of all of this is that some people may think that luck is a matter of math, but there really has to be more going on than that.  

So just as this man had someone really smiling down upon him through all of these incidents, perhaps someone will smile down on you as well some day.

Poor Memory Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

Derek Ladner had been playing the lottery regularly, although he was known for his absent mindedness and would often forget things.  He had been playing the same numbers for quite some time, and fortunately did remember to buy a ticket on the fateful week when his numbers all hit.  

So the jackpot was split among five players, including Derek, who all won a huge prize of almost half a million British pounds.  Then, a week later, Derek found he had another identical ticket, which he forgot that he bought which led to him buying two.  So due to his forgetting he ended up with 2 shares of the lotto jackpot not one.

The moral of this story is that you never know when your numbers may hit, and if you don’t play, maybe that’s the time you will be sorry. Derek made sure he played that week and got rewarded doubly.

Sometimes Dreams End Up Being Real

Sometimes people see winning numbers in dreams or by way of some other hunch.  That actually happens more often than you may think.  In the case of 86 year old Mary Wollens, she actually dreamed of the numbers after she bought her lotto ticket, seeing those numbers and a very big check in her dream.

So what did she do then?  She went out and bought a second ticket with the exact same numbers.  So the dream did end up coming true, as there was another person with the numbers which she had to share the $24 million jackpot with, but she got 2 shares of it instead of one and that extra ticket was worth another $6 million.