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The Problems Of Playing Lotteries In Other Countries

win money at Super Ena Lotto ItalyFor years, people have yearned to play lotteries in other parts of the world. The challenge here hasn’t really been the unwillingness of various lotteries to accept international lottery players though. It’s been that you physically have to be in the country or region that the lottery is being held in to be able to play properly.

For starters, you have to visit a lotto retailer selling the lotto you want to buy tickets to. So that means being in the country, not only once, but every time you want to buy tickets. So this means being in Italy to buy lotto tickets to the three drawings that the Super Ena Lotto runs each week.

So you have to either move there or hire someone in Italy to do it for you. That’s just not something we are capable of doing. While you are at it, you’d need to hire people in all of the other countries that feature big lotteries to do your bidding for you. That would cost a fortune.

When you win, you also need to cash in your tickets. With the Super Ena Lotto, if you win over 520 Euro you have to visit their lottery headquarters to pick up the forms you need to fill out. They will not send them to you. If you send someone from there with your winning ticket, can you really trust them?

But there is a great alternative now - just play online after clicking here to go to the website of TheLotter!

TheLotter Has You Covered Completely Here

TheLotter has it all figured out as far as how to get you in the game with the Super Ena Lotto in addition to all of the other major lotteries in the world. You simply purchase whatever lottery tickets you want from them online, and they do all the rest for you.

They buy the tickets on your behalf and, unlike normal lottery tickets which can be cashed in by whoever holds them, they arrange to have them all issued in your name so that they are yours only. They email you a scanned copy of your tickets as your receipt. Then they monitor the drawings for you so that you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and notify you each and every time you win.

They then provide to you all of the assistance you need to cash in your tickets, from picking up your smaller prizes and putting it in your account with them, to picking up and sending you whatever forms are needed, to putting your ticket in your hands so that you can travel to Italy to pick up your millions if you win the Super Ena Lotto jackpot or other huge jackpots.  So there’s no need to worry here, as this is a full service deal with first class service and treatment.

How The Super Ena Lotto Works

To play the Super Ena Lotto, you choose 6 numbers out of a total of 90 possible numbers. You also need to pick what they call a Jolly number from among the 90 as well.

To win the jackpot, you must match all 6 of your regular numbers. If you match 5 plus the Jolly number, you win second prize. 5 numbers without the Jolly number gets you a third place payout, 4 correct numbers wins you fourth place, and just 3 numbers gets you a payout as well.

Drawings are held 3 times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8 PM Italian time. TheLotter always provides you with a running countdown to the next draw for the Super Ena Lotto in addition to all of the other big lotteries they offer tickets to online, so you always know how much time you have left.

More Lottery Drawings Equals More Fun

Many global lottery players that play at TheLotter like to choose several lotteries to play, especially since every one of them regularly offers big jackpots. In fact, for many of us, the more drawings that we are involved in, the better.

So while the jackpots with the Super Ena Lotto may not compare to some of the bigger lotteries out there, for instance the EuroMillions, the Powerball, or MegaMillions, you will want to play those as well anyway.  The Super Ena Lotto is no small potato though, with typical jackpots often in the tens of millions of Euros. So with the extra 3 drawings a week that the Super Ena Lotto offers, that’s 3 more drawings a week worth of fun than you will have if you don’t play.

So with 3 extra chances to win a huge prize, it’s not hard to see why so many people like this lottery. Given that you can buy your tickets conveniently online now, there’s no good reason not to play in fact. Spreading your money around to more lotteries is what it’s all about, adding greatly to the amount of excitement that you get playing lotteries now.

So if you’re up for more fun playing the lottery, and I know that you are, then we have provided the link to TheLotter above (or click one of the banners on the right) for you so you can get started right now.