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The German Lotto Has Been Running For A Very Long Time

The German Lotto is one of the world’s longest running lotteries, having being held for over 50 years now. You can bet that all this experience serves them very well, and they are one of the larger European countries to keep their own national lottery over teaming up with the EuroMillions lottery. So the Germans are proud of their German Lotto, as they should be.

german lotto ticketIf you live in Germany though and wish to play the EuroMillions anyway, or any other big lottery from around the world for that matter, than there is no longer anything stopping you from doing so. All you have to do these days is buy your tickets online. If you are from Germany, you can still even buy tickets to the German Lotto online as well.

Of course, you need to know where to buy your lottery tickets this way, and that’s where we come in. We’ve been buying lottery tickets online ourselves for quite a while now, and we thought it was time to share the news with people here on this site. This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to lottery playing since lotteries were invented, as you might imagine.

No Longer Are You Limited To Just The Lottery In Your Area

If you are like most lottery players, you want to play the big lotteries, and given the choice, you want to play more than just one. Up until lately though this hasn’t been possible. People did wonder though why it wasn’t, for instance, why can you buy pretty much anything online except for lottery tickets?

The reason behind this is that lottery commissions are old fashioned, and insist on brick and mortar operations to sell tickets. So someone had to step up and put the groundwork into making online lottery ticket purchases a reality.

This required a network of people who would be put in place to do the bidding for their customers, which involved going out and buying the tickets for everyone, in many different countries. It also involved managing the customers’ experiences from the point of sale onward, and providing the kind of great service that people expect.

You Can Now Really Expand Your Horizons

Now, all you need to decide is how many of the world’s best lotteries you want to play, and then just buy your tickets online and get ready for the draws. TheLotter now makes this all possible. Do you want to buy tickets to the next drawing of the German Lotto?  Just go to TheLotter by clicking here and make it happen, with their professional grade help.

First, you visit TheLotter through our convenient link to them. Then, you register with them, choose which lotteries you want to play, pick your numbers or let their computer pick them for you, pay for your tickets through one of many convenient payment options, and get ready to win some money.

TheLotter assists you every step of the way, from sending you a scan of your tickets with your own name on them, to safeguarding your tickets until the draw, to notifying you by email whenever you win, to helping you cash in the money you’ve won. It’s all incredibly easy.

How The German Lotto Works

All of the lotteries that TheLotter makes available to us are all first class major lotteries, including the German Lotto. To play the German Lotto, you select 6 numbers out of a possible 49, along with a bonus number from 1 to 9.  If you successfully hit all 6 numbers plus the bonus number, you are going to be making a trip to Germany soon to pick up several million Euro or more.

Given the smaller amount of balls in the drum compared to a lot of other big lotteries, your chances of winning the jackpot in the German Lotto is definitely higher. The German Lotto of course offers other prizes besides the jackpot, as all lotteries do, and there are a total of 7 subsidiary prizes besides the jackpot. If you can match as few as 3 of your numbers, you are going to be getting paid.

Let TheLotter Be Your Guide To The German Lotto And Beyond

Given how popular lotteries are around the world, having access to all of the good ones is a lottery player’s dream. Why just play one when you can play as many as you want instead? Why settle for one or two draws a week when you can have dozens if you wish? Why mess around with going to the store when you can buy all the lottery tickets you want online?

TheLotter is clearly the future of lottery playing and they have cracked the code of allowing all of us to very conveniently play the German Lotto and whatever else we want to, when we want to. So why not join us in having much more fun with lotteries than the average person? Just click on our link to TheLotter and begin your journey.