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Euro Millions Lotto Online

Euro Millions Is One Of The World’s Biggest Lotteries

The Euro Millions began in 2004 as a cooperative effort between the national lottery operators of France, Spain, and the U.K. It took a full ten years to hammer out the agreement between the countries, so once it began, it was definitely very well organized, as remains the case.

The plan was to offer lottery players in these three countries the ability to play for much larger jackpots than had been previously available. Since huge jackpots is what tends to really drive the excitement here, the expectation was that this new lotto would be a huge hit and generate some fantastic jackpots week after week. That’s exactly what happened.

As the success of the lottery grew, more countries were added to the partnership, and today there are a total of nine different countries which participate in it. Jackpots are always among the biggest available anywhere in the world, starting at 15 million Euro and growing from there.

win Euro Millions lotto jackpot onlineOnce the jackpot reaches 190 million Euro, it is capped and further increases are added to the other prizes. The lottery organizers consider this size of jackpot big enough it seems, and it’s definitely more than enough money to satisfy any of us. Their thinking though is that at this point they have built up more than enough excitement for the jackpot and now they can do the same thing with the other prizes.

You Don’t Have To Live In Any Of These Countries Anymore To Play

Since Euro Millions has historically only been offered in nine select European countries, most of us have been left out in the cold here as far as being able to enjoy playing it. In fact, playing this lottery hasn’t even been a consideration for the rest of us, until lately that is.

Savvy lottery players, those of us in the know, now realize that physical barriers in the world of lotteries no longer exist. They actually still do in a sense, as you still need to physically purchase your lottery tickets for the Euro Millions and other lotteries from around the world. Of course, you aren’t going to travel there twice a week to buy your tickets, as this would take a ridiculous amount of time and money.

You could hire someone who lives in the countries you want to buy lottery tickets from, but that would take more knowledge and effort than most people would ever think of committing. So how can you buy tickets to the Euro Millions then?

The answer is to simply buy them online, right from home, and have an esteemed and trusted service take care of all of your needs, including buying your tickets in your name, emailing you a scanned copy, holding your tickets for you for safekeeping, checking your numbers and notifying you if you win, and helping you cash in your winnings.

This new service is called TheLotter, and the dream of people being able to buy their lottery tickets online and have everything taken care of for them has now become a reality. Not only can you very conveniently buy all the Euro Millions tickets you want, they also offer online purchases of tickets to all of the world’s biggest and most popular lottery drawings.

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How Euro Millions Lotto Works

There are a total of 13 different prize payouts in this lotto event, starting from matching just two numbers out of the main 5, to matching all 5 plus both lucky stars numbers and winning the jackpot amount. Aside from its humongous jackpot amounts, Euro Millions also offers its players a greater chance of winning some form of payout than you typically see in big lotteries.

Drawings are twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 9 PM U.K. time. TheLotter runs a countdown for this and all of their other lotteries on their website so players always know exactly how much time is left until the next draw. Players choose 5 numbers from 1 to 50, as well as 2 lucky star numbers from 1 to 11. Just like the lotto booths, TheLotter offers players the option of either picking their own numbers or letting their computer choose random ones.

You can buy as many tickets to each draw as you like. Then, you can visit TheLotter’ website to check your tickets, or if you prefer, you can just wait for the email TheLotter sends to you when you win. Depending on how much you win, they will then advise you and assist you in collecting it.

Now That You Are In The Know, You Now Have The Power

No longer are we shut out from great lotteries such as the Euro Millions just based upon where we live. We now can buy whatever lottery tickets we want, and no one can stop us. The internet has really opened up the world, and now this has finally extended to lotteries. Our wait is now over.

So with so much lottery excitement now so readily available, there’s no good reason at all to deny ourselves the fun that is in store for us.